Some Apple IDs have suddenly been signed out

Some Apple IDs have suddenly been signed out

Users were logged out of their Apple ID overnight for no apparent reason, across multiple devices. If they try to sign in again, they will be notified that their account has been locked and that they must set a new password to regain access. This mainly caused problems for users who had stolen device protection enabled. If they are on an untrusted site, they simply won't be able to log in. You should also reset passwords for apps that were previously set in iCloud.

The first problems were reported around 2:00 AM Dutch time. This was followed by more reports on social media. 9to5Mac has it A long list has been collected From notifications on X, Mastodon, Threads and other social networks. It's still unclear what exactly is going on. There have been no issues reported yet on Apple's System Status page, but it usually takes some time before Apple acknowledges issues. It seems that something strange is happening behind the scenes. We are waiting for the official response from Apple.

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Apple ID signed out: Here's what happens

The problem can be defined as follows: When you try to use your iPhone, iPad or any other device, it seems that you have signed out of all your devices. If you then try to sign in using your original Apple ID password, you'll receive a message saying that your account has been locked. You will then have to reset your password before you can log in again. After that everything works as usual again.

There may be a connection to a new phishing attack previously reported among Apple users, where notifications were sent to people. It is also possible that it is related to a bug in the protection of stolen devices. This allows you to sign out of your Apple ID in case there are issues and you are not in a trusted location. But we won't know for sure until Apple provides further clarification. Of course, you already have two-factor authentication set up on your Apple ID if you want to properly protect your account. If not, it's time to do it!

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