Take Two comes with dozens of games, GTA VI only after 2022

Take Two comes with dozens of games, GTA VI only after 2022

Now that the sun starts smiling at us in Amsterdam and JJ has been suffering a lot of muscle aches since his first visit to the gym six months later, it is time for a fresh resurgence. GK Magazine. And we have a lot of hard and less difficult news. For example, Take Two announced that in the period through March 2022; 22 new games will be released. Unfortunately, (in all likelihood) there is no GTA 6 in between, and it seems that this is more and more in 2023. Developer Gearbox will come with a new title. On top of that, Nintendo and Xbox are working on something new and no number of games will come to E3 according to Jeff Group.

GK Journal with many new Take Two games but no GTA 6 yet

Take Two will release a few new games in the coming years. To be exact, the company will release 21 new games between now and March 2022. JJ clearly has more details on the kind of games we can expect at that time. One of those new games will be a new title from Gearbox. There is a possibility that this is a new Borderlanders game. But what, how, when and why will JJ discuss with you of course the scents and colors. In any case, one thing is for sure: the epidemic is not only decreasing in the Netherlands, but around the world as well. As a result, more than enough games will be released for the different platforms.

Summer Fest game

He. She Summer Fest game It will be back in 2021. This festival was kind of a replacement for last year’s E3 which will now be held again and start with a big show on June 10th. You name it, Sony, Microsoft, Valve, Epic, EA and Ubisoft; The list is endless and they can all be found at the Summer Games festival. This means that we will of course look at this with suspicion, since the period of E3 without a very large width is not E3. All of this and of course much more can be found in this new edition of GK Journaal.

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