Snap and LEGO are creating an AR-Lens to build almost together in Snapchat – Tablets and Phones – News

Snap and LEGO offer a jointly designed Connect Lens. It allows Snapchatters to build almost the same Lego object together, through an augmented reality rendering.

With Snap Connected Lenses, users can or cannot use the same AR lens in the same physical space. For example, Snap has developed a Lego Connected Lens, which shows multiple users the same Lego building in a floating mode which they can work on together in real time. Snap announced that this lens will be usable through the LEGO Group’s Snapchat profile, but there will also be connected lenses from other companies.

The Snap also mentions during its Snap Partners summit that the Memories layer has accessed the Snap Map to see the memories as they happen, as well as layers from third parties. For example, the company offers the Ticketmaster tier, which displays upcoming concerts on the map and provides access to the service for purchasing tickets. Moreover, a layer appears to show nearby restaurants. Classes will be available in the coming months.

Creator Accounts, which users qualify for if they have a certain number of subscribers, will appear on iOS Story Studio later this year. It allows creators to edit videos at frame level at scale with subtitles, stickers, effects, and share the result on Snapchat.

Popular Snapchatters, known as Snap Stars, could make money from the platform later this year with virtual gifts and donations from fans through Story Replies. This will be available for Snap Stars on iOS and Android this year.

The number of daily active Snapchat users has grown to 280 million worldwide and 500 million users active on Snapchat every month. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel announced this at the annual Snap Partner Summit. He cited the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, as well as the Netherlands as countries where the service is particularly popular, especially among young people. In these countries, 90 percent of people between 13 and 24 years old and 75 percent of 13 to 34 years old are said to be active on Snapchat.

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