Fans are paying thousands of euros for Joost's Batman replicas

Fans are paying thousands of euros for Joost's Batman replicas

Collectors pay a lot of money for models Gazenk dioramaAssink and his family. Model prices start from 400 euros and reach around 2000 euros.

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Despite the prices, many models are sold out, e.g Batmobile From the movie Batman (2022), that searchlight From the movie Batman v Superman (2016) And the Batmobile I forgot the TV series Batman and Robin (1966).

The limited edition of each model is limited to 250 pieces and is always worn. Last year, the company's sales amounted to 5.7 million euros.

Wider scope

Assink mainly manufactures models in 1:6 scale. This is larger than the action figures you often see in toy stores, which are usually made in 1:12 scale.

“The larger scale is unique and not very popular in the Netherlands,” says Asink. According to him, this is the case in countries such as the United States, Germany and England. The entrepreneur makes his models with materials such as aluminium, perspex, plastic and rubber.

In this video you see the Batmobile from Jazzinc Dioramas from the movie: The Batman (2022).

How did you start?

“My uncle was the first collector I met, and he was a huge Star Wars fan,” says Asink, who learned his trade this way. The businessman also previously built guitars and worked for a long time on various hobby projects as well as a permanent job at his company in human resources services. He sometimes shared the miniature models he created on Facebook groups with collectors. There was a growing crowd of fans who wanted to see more of his work.

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These fans, who now number about 15,000, have also raised money so Assink can make his first models for fans. “That was very special,” he says. “Now we have a good reputation, but then people transferred around €15,000, purely on trust. So I could make this first model. Even though a large part of our customers are outside Europe.”

Fans still play a major role. This is sometimes the case Facebook A vote was taken on which models should be made. Assink also receives feedback from collectors. “This can be very specific, for example regarding the angle of the turbine blades on the 1989 Batmobile,” he says. “It has to be as accurate as possible.”

300 parts

Once the decision is made to make something, the design process takes at least a year. Assink received the designs for one of his Batmobile models from Zack Snyder, the director of Batman v. Superman (2016). But he says it's often more difficult to get good source materials, which can also mean the design can take longer.

After design, the first physical test model is made. This will take about eight months. Before all 250 pieces are manufactured, it will take two to five years, Asink says. It is a process that takes years.

Swiss watch

“This Batmobile often has more parts than any average quality Swiss watch,” says the businessman. There are easily more than three hundred. Finally, in a replica of the Batmobile, the rubber tires can move, the headlights light up, and there are sound and smoke effects.

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Fans can request and reserve models during the production process, Asink says. It also ensures that only what people ask for is done, with a maximum of about 250 items. He always sells this number.

In this video you can see part of the design and production process.

Business Management

In 2017, Jazzinc Dioramas became a real BV company, and as of 2021, Assink will devote all his time to the company. Not only him, but his father, wife and children also work in the company.

“My father Hans had just retired when I started the business and I enjoyed starting the business as well,” says Asink. “I taught him everything, including how to draw and assemble models.”

The wife and children also participate

Wife Janneke and sons Luke and Leon also produce and draw. Jazzinc does everything in-house, from production to advertising, and now has a dozen employees, according to Assink.

According to the businessman, 70 to 75 percent of the product revenue goes directly to the company, for example because he does not use stores or other intermediaries. Assink says this also keeps its products affordable and doesn't require selling thousands of units to make a profit.


By teaming up with Zack Snyder, Jazzinc also caught the attention of Warner Bros. and DC, the film and comic studios behind Batman. Assink now works with companies and has an official license to make models, approximately 5,000 pieces per year.

Assink is particularly happy with the way fans are responding to his products. “We sometimes receive emotional emails from grandparents who feel like children under the Christmas tree for the first time in 60 years when they receive the products,” he says. “Some people also come from other countries specifically to visit our studio.”

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Which model is still at the top of your wish list? “I'm also in discussions with Universal about a Knight Rider KITT vehicle,” says Assink.

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