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Mozilla releases a free extension for Firefox that allows translations to be performed both locally and offline. The service uses machine learning to translate text accurately and does not require processing via the cloud.

The Free Browser Extension Thus it does not use an external data center to generate the translations, but does so directly on the user’s system. In practice, cloud or offline translation does not make much difference to the user; Usually someone has the internet naturally to end up on a web page in the first place. Thus, the idea is that no data should be sent back and forth, which means According to Mozilla Provides privacy benefits.

Mozilla’s goal was to develop a website translation plugin that would run locally. This means that the . file MotorsLanguage models and translation algorithms must be stored and implemented entirely on the user’s computer so that no data is sent to the cloud. This makes the process completely closed.”

Currently, Firefox Translators can only translate web pages in Spanish, Estonian, German, Czech, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Italian into English. Mozilla is working on the requirements for translating some other languages, but Dutch isn’t one of them yet.

According to the American company, the challenge in developing the offline translation system was to develop a machine learning algorithm that was fast enough on a regular CPU. The computations should also not be based on the graphics processing unit (GPU), the processor typically concerned with processing tasks within deep learning and machine learning. Extension is the result bergamot projectIt is a partnership between several universities and funded by the European Union.

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Update, 19.00: In the second paragraph, use the term “practical utility” in a confusing way; This has been clarified.

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