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Sony has revealed details about how PlayStation 5 owners can expand their SSD storage. The company makes some recommendations in terms of specifications, but there are no hard requirements in terms of speed. Sony also does not guarantee optimal operation.

some sony names Minimum requirements on their support site To expand the internal SSD. It must be a PCIe 4.0 x4 instance with an M.2-22 form factor and a capacity between 250GB and 4TB. The length does not matter. They may be variants of M.2-2230 to M.2-22110, either single-sided or double-sided. According to Sony, a solid state drive with heatsink is required. The total dimensions including the cooling block must not exceed 110 x 25 x 11.25 mm.

In terms of speed, Sony only says that a solid-state drive (SSD) with a sequential read speed of 5500MB/s or higher is recommended. Sony does not say anything about write speed and the stated speed is not a requirement. The PlayStation 5 has an SSD storage with a read and write speed of 5500MB/s.

There is no guarantee of proper operation

Sony also writes that it does not guarantee that all M.2 SSDs that meet the listed characteristics will work in the console. The PlayStation manufacturer also says that not all games can run as optimally from an M.2 SSD as the PS5’s internal storage, even if an M.2 SSD achieves a higher speed of 5500MB/s.

Sony doesn’t say anything about recommended or approved SSDs for the PlayStation 5. Customers should contact the hard drive manufacturer if they have questions about compatibility, says the support page.

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The PlayStation 5’s M.2 slot is currently disabled via firmware. In the latest PS5 software beta, the expansion slot was activated with a software update that will happen to all users at a later time. It is not yet known when the M.2 SSD expansion will be available to everyone.

Available Solid State Drives

Many manufacturers have hard drives that are fast enough on paper as storage expansion for the PlayStation 5. In Pricewatch Stand Models From brands such as Samsung, WD, MSI, XPG, Gigabyte, PNY, Corsair and Seagate, which achieve read and write speeds above 5 GB / s. However, the dimensions and availability of a suitable heatsink remain to be considered.

Presumably many of the SSD manufacturers themselves will be touting SSDs as suitable or ideal for the PlayStation 5. When the WD Black SN850 was introduced, Western Digital actually said it was suitable for the PS5. Seagate is now saying so about its June announcement FireCuda 530 . model. Against Australian Website Finder المواقع Seagate says They tested the operation on PS5.

Seagate FireCuda 530 with heatsink

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