Colors coach Jani raves about De Verraders

Colors coach Jani raves about De Verraders

Teagle's confession

Janie brought her sense of color to her job, but unfortunately she was unable to use that quality Traitors Don't use it always. “In the morning I drew a color chart to base my outfit on. Ideally, it would be a book that I radiated a lot of influence from. I purposely brought a lot of combinations, but unfortunately we didn't have time to get dressed.Above all, I found the program itself “absolutely crazy.” “You're really in a bubble, and without a phone you're cut off from the outside world.Although Janie herself indicates that she was not working on a specific strategy, we of course were able to see in the first episodes how she always relied on colors. However, her daughters advised her not to talk about her experience. “I actually wasn't going to talk about my work, but Tijl accidentally revealed to RTL Boulevard that a lawyer, an investigator and a color expert were participating. Janie preferred to talk one-on-one with teammates she trusted about her work as a color coach. “Thanks to Teagle’s confession, I could no longer avoid it and publicly told my fellow candidates about my work, but I would have liked to be in the background to expose the traitors.”

Janie explains that her teammates are from Traitors With Strangers She didn't always fully understand what her work as a color coach entailed. “Fortunately, they appreciated what I had to say, but if you don't know me you're probably thinking: What is that woman talking about?” He laughed: “I'm used to it, it doesn't matter. I've been through a lot in my life and I'm standing strong.”“Participant in Traitors She explains that a lot of what she said on the show was also deleted by the makers. “The context is not always quite right, because it must of course become an ongoing story for the viewer. That's why sometimes it seems like I'm making a comment out of nowhere. But I get it somehow. They make great TV.”

The environment is proud

While for some candidates the tension may have been in the psychological aspect — how do I unmask the traitor and how do I confront myself — for the color coach it was different. “No, I wasn't afraid of that aspect, but I was afraid of the physical aspect. I have had MS since I was 24 and I am no longer the youngest. I wondered if I would fit in and if I could handle it physically. Of course I can't say how far I got, but the assignments went better for me than I thought. Her fellow nominees and now also my viewers Traitors We see her as a coach of color, but she thinks it's important that we see her as a kind person. “Of course I haven't seen everything yet, but I hope this comes to the fore more. Fortunately, the people around me are already very proud!”

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