See Groningen's latest artwork here: Peeing Polar Bear

See Groningen's latest artwork here: Peeing Polar Bear

The “peeing polar bear” at the Groninger Museum no longer has to hold in his urine. This wonderful work of art has caused great dissatisfaction among passersby since its unveiling on Friday. “Pew, I really need to pee now.”

Even before he starts urinating, the huge polar bear attracts a lot of attention. Pedestrians stop for a moment and cyclists look back. “I saw it on the news this morning. Well, this picture is worth taking,” says a woman wearing sunglasses and a long white coat as she grabs her phone from her jacket pocket.

This six-metre high artwork stands out beautifully against the clear blue sky. Next, the elementary school class with young children is parked in front of the statue. “Yes boys, imitate it!” The teacher shouts excitedly.

Artist Florentin Hoffmann from Delfzijl will launch the stunning artwork on Friday morning with Chelsea (10), Children's Ambassador at the Groninger Museum. With the push of a digital button Polar bear urinating – the official name of the artwork – takes effect and a stream of urine flows into the canal.

'Get lost'

With this image, Hoffman wants to draw attention to climate change. “We are treating polar bear habitat poorly because the polar caps are melting,” he explains. “And now he comes to our home and says: Get lost.

The arrival of the white statue coincides with the opening of the Children's Biennale at the Groninger Museum. It is an interactive exhibition suitable for all ages. The artworks in the exhibition were created in collaboration with children by artists from home and abroad, including Hofmann himself. The theme of the biennale is better place (better place, red .) So artwork about climate change fits in well with this.

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In his work, the artist tries to address topics with a sense of humor. Also in case Polar bear urinating . Every now and then he stops urinating for a moment. “Sometimes he steps back for a moment, and then it turns out there's more to it,” Hoffman explains with a broad smile. “In the evening, the drops turn yellow like urine.”

The artwork was previously located in Arnhem and Amersfoort. In the latter case, not everyone was happy with the image of urination. This caused a lot of disturbances among the locals who were disturbed by the erratic splashing sound of urine jetting into the water. That's why the bear had to urinate there at night.

“I'm not afraid of noise”

Locals in Groningen are not worried about the arrival of a much-needed polar bear. They were specially invited to attend the opening. “I'm not afraid of noise,” says Jan Niesink. It lives diagonally opposite the museum, and the main points are in the direction of Ubbo Emmiussingel. “It's still quite a bit, so I'm not worried.”

But doesn't this pissing polar bear set a false example for the Groningen students who come home drunk at night and desperately needing to pee? No, according to the artist himself. “The photo is about the hypocritical behavior that I want to denounce.”

However, the image also triggers other associations among onlookers: “Oh, I really have to pee now,” an older man says to his wife. “You'll get that when you get a little older.”

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