“There have always been those types associated with you. Also in Hilversum.

“There have always been those types associated with you. Also in Hilversum.

Hilly Molenaar (born 1945) was forced to go to the local science school against her will and at the age of fifteenH, Once again, against her will, to work: as a moderator, on an assembly line. She survived a bad childhood, ended up as a script girl in the world of film and television in the 1960s and 1970s, lived among the celebrities of the time, Dolly Mina, became a documentary filmmaker and producer and was also a member of the PvdA. For a term, member of Parliament.

Hailey Molenaar talks to Syp Wynia on this episode of Wynia's Week TV WWTV about her life, with experiences that were sometimes a long time ago, but sometimes still remarkably close. You will find the video here And the podcast version is here.

Across borders

In Healy's youth, women were still dependent on their husbands and were often not allowed to work. But antiquity also passes in the world of media, as evidenced by the constant “cross-border” publications about the Media Park and the cultural world. She has a comment about this: “It's an environment where a certain type of woman wants to be.” Well trained, from a protected environment. It's also fun work, and there's not a lot of fun work out there. I get the impression that some of them are a bit vulnerable.

Helle Molenaar can oversee everything, from the impoverished world of Snake in the 1950s and the emerging television world of Hilversum in the 1960s to today's media circus. She also has stark tales about her experience in PvdA politics, where she turned out to be unwelcome. She certainly does not have the experience that the left in her life has always shown solidarity with Dutch women who have become so subservient: “But if you don’t take women seriously, then you are not a leftist for me.”

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