Top Notch attacks Ronnie Flex with a diss track

Top Notch attacks Ronnie Flex with a diss track

If they can do it in America, so can we, Gigi Deejay must have thought. 2024 is a big year when it comes to hip-hop, because the Top Notch emcee is personally taking up the challenge that Ronnie Flex threw at him with “Kees Closed.” Ronnie Felix has openly stated that he felt like a failure in his first-class contract. “Here we do the numbers secretly, just like PIN codes,” Gigi jokes.

Ronnie Flex recently filed a lawsuit against his old label. He claimed he was misled by fine print in his contract, leaving him tied to the brand too long and receiving less royalties than he thought. A judge ruled against Rooney earlier this year and rejected his claims that he was a less-educated young artist who had been abused by the cunning Kees de Kooning. Ronnie Felix announced an appeal and created a huge buzz on Threads.

The DJ, who has been more of a label boss than an artist in recent years, is getting help on “Pincodes” from old friend and loyal A-list artist Sticks, who recently cemented his ties with his old label boss Kees de Koning in a podcast about Opjezol. If you are still in doubt who the two are addressing: I am the man who came from far away, who came from Felixa. Your career's not going to take off, Dennis Bergkamp. It is nothing, it will be nothing, and it will never be anything. I'm not talking about business, I'm talking about songs, Captain.

Gigi continues: “Am I too managerial or are men mean-spirited?” Your career is already in jeopardy, and this closes the door. Just for the group to make you so sad. […] I'm not impressed, you can see it in my eyes. Every word you say is a lie. But this is between you and the Creator above. god bless.' Eventually, another loyal person comes around the corner: Hef. Nobody's bigger than the fucking team guy. Know your fucking place, relax. Be humble and contribute to the big picture.

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You can hear more about Ronnie Flex vs Top Notch at Machine. Here you can see how Ronnie gathered his fans for one Protest clip In Rotterdam.

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