“Frustrated by technical problems” – Songfestival.be

“Frustrated by technical problems” – Songfestival.be

Tomorrow night it’s finally time. We then see our Belgian candidate Musti in action during the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest. The blonde Brussels resident was allowed into the Malmö Arena this afternoon for her first rehearsal. Shortly thereafter, editor-in-chief Jonathan brought the singer on board to make a short but powerful first impression.

‘There were quite a few Technical problems with the platform“, Musti gets right to the point. The revolving platform on which the singer stands – which has been used by many artists this year – stops after a few seconds. As a result, the Belgian candidate’s rehearsal did not go as he had hoped, which seemed clear to him annoyed. “This really needs to be improved, and I hope it gets resolved urgently,” the ever-sympathetic singer continues.

Aside from the Eurovision Song Contest, the singer is suffering The time of his life In Malmö. “Of course we had to rehearse a lot, but during the free moments I actually went to Copenhagen. “Very nice!” he sounds excited. Our actor will prepare tomorrow safely For the big moment. “I’ll watch some movies and some others Talking on the phone with my friend“Mosti says.

Musti will come tomorrow evening twelveth During the second semi-final, where we also see favorites Switzerland and our northern neighbors in action. When asked if he was afraid of competition, the singer remained silent. “She’s one anyway.” The semi-final is at a very high level“But everyone is strong in this kind of literature,” Mosti concludes diplomatically.

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