Joshua from the love-filled winter temporarily withdraws: “You also want to take care of these other men” |  Displays

Joshua from the love-filled winter temporarily withdraws: “You also want to take care of these other men” | Displays

Joshua is feeling butterflies, and Benjamin still has something to discover with his other companion, Olivier Bass. And that's what viewers saw A winter full of love On Tuesday evening how the two decided to take a “break” after a good conversation. “It doesn't work that way.”

Joshua, who visited the Swiss Alps as Benjamin's second bachelor, can already see it on his mind: a future together. But Benjamin can barely keep up with B&B owner Joshua's pace. Especially now that another man, Olivier Bass, has traveled to Belalp for him.

The trio starts their day off-piste skiing and it looks like it's all in good fun. But as the gentlemen sat down in a comfortable chair to enjoy the sun, Joshua couldn't resist exclaiming once again how much he had enjoyed his time with Benjamin. “I'm enjoying every minute of it. About you and everything that's happening here. Olivier Bass, in turn, doesn't seem particularly pleased by this, later suggesting in front of the cameras that he finds it 'very inappropriate.'” He's trying hard to put his stamp on the situation and focus on him and Benjamin. I think: why do you have to say this at this time?

Despite all the stress, Joshua still feels like things aren't going well. That's why he decided to take Benjamin aside to have a good chat not too long later. “I'm going to be so vulnerable. I'll tell you that I've started to love you and I think we've built something special in the days that you've been here. But is the feeling mutual? And what about the other guys who are there for Benjamin? “You want to give them attention, and I get that. You should do it too.”

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It doesn't work that way


Give other men a chance

Joshua has a pressing question for Benjamin: Is it a good plan if he disappears for two days, so Benjamin can focus on Olivier Bass, or would Benjamin prefer Joshua stay close to him? “But then I'm just Joshua and you don't have to expect anything from me.” Although Benjamin thinks this is a nice gesture, he also states that he is sure that Yeshua would be “very miserable” if he could not fully express himself. “You know it yourself, and I know it too: this will never work.”

So Benjamin decided it would be a good idea for Joshua to withdraw for a while. “Then I think it's a better option if you leave for a while. That way, I think it's nice of you to give these other guys a chance. Because yeah, it doesn't work that way.”

Joshua's idea may have come at the right time, but Benjamin is not happy with the way Joshua is taking control. “It's not like I'm deciding it for you. You make the choices, and in the end I make the choices. He wants to get what he wants,” he expressed his displeasure in front of the dating show's cameras.

And Joshua? He doesn't seem to realize any harm. “I have butterflies in my stomach. If you really love each other, do this. Then you say this.”

Benjamin from Winter Full of Love
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