The Frisian flag is taboo in the Eurovision Song Contest

The Frisian flag is taboo in the Eurovision Song Contest

Frisians who travel to Malmö to support Jost are not allowed to do so with the Frisian flag. This is taboo in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The organization only tolerates the flags of UN Member States in the hall, and prefers the flags of countries participating in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Exceptions are the rainbow flag and the European Union flag, provided they are not used to make a political statement.

This is in it Science protocol From the Eurovision Song Contest. Regional and provincial flags are expressly excluded, as are flags containing commercial or political messages, offensive content or with statements in a language other than English. It’s not entirely clear how this fits into the above.

Posing with the Frisian flag

Flags brought with you may not be larger than 120 x 80 cm, or 60 x 40 cm if using a stick. Its length may not exceed 50 cm, with the exception of the flag.

Who is planning to Pompeopledon incorporated the Frisian flag into his clothing will likely be left as is.

Jost himself willingly posed with the Frisian flag held in his hands telegraph Reporter Richard van de Kromart.

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