Revival 2024: Read here what happened on the second day of the Pentecost Conference

Revival 2024: Read here what happened on the second day of the Pentecost Conference

Did you consciously choose to go camping at the Pentecost Conference? No, the couple and two friends were sitting in front of their furnished tent at dinner time, too late for their reservation. All camping spots are sold out before the end of the early bird discount.

“I told my husband Dick, ‘We can’t go to Obuikeng this year,’” says Erica, 47. “Then we saw the option of a furnished tent.”
For 400 euros you can get a tent with two inflatable mattresses and bedding. Two separate beds for 525 euros, two beach chairs on a wooden deck in front of the tent.

Both tents have electricity, something regular campsites don’t have. “Our friends who turned up for their books on time are very happy about it,” says Dick, 50. “I think a lot of phones will be shipped here.”

The couple thinks it’s a shame they can’t camp with their friends. But a furnished tent is very “comfortable,” Dick says. “I packed your clothes and some groceries, and you’re done.”

There are about eighty centimeters between Erica and Dick’s roof and the couple camped across from them. “That’s pretty close,” Erica laughs. ‘What is your name?’ she asks her neighbor over the weekend. He answers: “Cybryn.” He and his wife were also late for camping spots by €80 per person.

“This is where the stinking rich are,” laughs Cyprin, 29. “I just heard someone say who was driving.” “Well, it’s more like: This is where the silliness is.” He doesn’t have to go camping next year, but he wants to spend the night. Because camping makes the difference in the Pentecost Conference, according to him. “In the evening and morning the atmosphere here is more intimate.”

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Erica and Dick in front of their electric tent. “A lot of phones will be charged here.” -Photo by Judith Focker

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