Eliane Zwebfenning does not acknowledge Thomas Berg’s denial: “The truth will become clear” |  RTL Street

Eliane Zwebfenning does not acknowledge Thomas Berg’s denial: “The truth will become clear” | RTL Street

Eliane Zwipfenning (25) speaks out on RTL Boulevard about the rumors surrounding the abuse of her ex-partner Thomas Berg (34). The singer, whose real name is Chael Otenk, denied allegations earlier today that he hit her. Elian says she doesn’t recognize herself in his words. Among other things, she says, “The truth will become clear at some point.”

“I don’t know myself in Chill’s reaction.”

According to Al-Asir Channels, Cheel allegedly beat up his ex-wife and the mother of his children when she wanted to pick up the last items from his house. Elian then allegedly called the police. Thomas denied the allegations earlier today.

Eliane stated in writing that she did not support his statement: “I don’t recognize myself in Red Chill.” I do not want to comment further in the media about this painful situation and what exactly happened. I’m currently thinking about what to do next, and the truth will become clear at some point.

She concludes by emphasizing that her two children, whom she had with the singer, “now need, above all else, rest.”

Earlier today, Thomas stated: “I am deeply shocked and saddened by the unjustified allegation of abuse on some of the Juice channels. I never hit my ex and I never will, no matter what she says about me. She is the mother of my children.” His management told RTL Boulevard that Police were present at Chill’s request. “His ex-wife was not present at the time and was not nearby. The important thing is that this is complete nonsense and a dangerous slander! Chell is absolutely devastated.”

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According to various gossip channels, such as Juice channelElian stopped by Thomas’ house to pick up the last of her and the children’s belongings. Thomas has cameras around his house and is said to have returned home immediately when he spotted his ex. Things would have completely escalated there, as angry tongues claim. One of Elian’s friends confirmed the story – anonymously – to the gossip channel RealityFBI. According to the friend in question, “Everyone in the Netherlands should know what an idiot he is and how much of a hypocrite he appears in the media.”

RTL Boulevard is also in contact with two sources close to Elianne. They also confirm that the story continues Juice channel correct.

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