Meilandjes sold millions of Hengelo villas (subject to change) |  entertainment

Meilandjes sold millions of Hengelo villas (subject to change) | entertainment

“I had just finished my living room, I just got a nice tiger wallpaper. But then you’ll get messages from the municipality of Bronckhurst: The zoning plan doesn’t seem to work for us. I live on a big farm, and then you have a driveway and then the little farm.” Attached to her, she lives there Erica. Well, when we bought that, there was a nice kitchen with a black AGA stove, a whole bathroom with an oval bath, and a sauna, and now we’re getting messages that maybe we shouldn’t be allowed to live there at all, ”he said disappointedly in December in Linda Winterman.

Since the family did not agree with the municipality, there was only one thing to do: sell the villa again. Leaves Meilandjes on Friday Instagram I know it worked now. “Now looking for a new home,” Erica wrote with glee. However, some caution is required: The house is sold “with reservation” at the moment and theoretically it is not possible to proceed.

Although the family wrote that they were looking for a new home, this was no longer necessary. Meilandjes will be watching luxury villa in Noordwijk, which was announced recently. This news should only have been kept secret, given the new season Chateau Milland It is all about hunting their home. The show can be watched weekly on SBS starting March 1. Six seasons are now conducted around the Meiland family. In 2019 Chateau Milland Golden Televizier ring.

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