Joost Klein dominates the European charts with “Europepa |”.  RTL Street

Joost Klein dominates the European charts with “Europepa |”. RTL Street

Joost Klein’s 26-year-old song “Europapa” received huge attention from Europe in the week following the Eurovision Song Contest. Despite ruling out the Dutch entry, the song has been streamed around 25 million times on Spotify in one week and will enter several official charts in Europe this week.

Remarkably, in many cases Joost performed better than the winning song “The Code” by Nemo.

Since this week, “Europapa” has again topped the charts in the Netherlands and Flanders, and the song has also topped the charts in Lithuania. There are also the highest rankings in the charts published so far in Finland (No. 2), Sweden (4), and Iceland (6). Europepa also reaches Norway, Germany, Ireland, Great Britain, Greece and Wallonia.

Since last Saturday, Joost has become one of the fifty most streamed singles worldwide, peaking at nearly 3.3 million streams in one day. On Friday, the song officially became the most streamed song of the year at Eurovision when it surpassed Angelina Mango’s Italian hit La Noia in numbers. “Europapa” now has over 70 million streams to its name.

It is rare for a Dutch song to achieve such success in Europe. S10’s “De Diepte” also reached several charts after the Eurovision Song Contest, but was not as popular as “Europapa”.

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