The PokéCoin Daily Field Research Pass has appeared in the Shop

The PokéCoin Daily Field Research Pass has appeared in the Shop

Update: It was just announced that there will be 300 Poké Coins that can be claimed instead of 280.

A special Daily Field Research Pass for PokéCoin has just been released. This ticket is on sale now for €2.49 and has the following description:

If you purchase this ticket, you will receive a task every day from May 16 to May 30, for which you will receive 20 Pokécoins. Remarkably, you don’t seem to be able to take it out anymore. Additionally, you may not have more than three Field Research quests at the beginning of the day, otherwise you won’t get the quest that day and will actually miss out on 20 Poké Coins.

So the PokéCoin Daily Field Research Pass doesn’t seem worth it to us. If you were to buy 280 PokéCoins separately, you would spend around €2.80. This is roughly equivalent to the €2.49 you spend now. In addition, you will get a huge discount if you purchase more PokéCoins, especially if you buy them through the online store. Interestingly, not everyone has a ticket. The reason for this is unknown.

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