'Security operations will be tightened inside'

'Security operations will be tightened inside'

On Saturday, April 27, 2024, the Chief of Police of Suriname, Chief of Police Brian Isaacs and Commander of the National Army, Colonel Werner QA Sen, led the staff charged with coordinating and managing Operation Zero Tolerance. .

The aim of this operation is to increase the community's sense of security and to arrest suspects who are being tracked.

The Chief and Commander of the Police visited the Kosovo Police Coordination Team. After that, the Joint Operations Center of the National Army was visited. The Collaborative Group and the Joint Operations Committee discussed the results of Operation Zero Tolerance.

The police chief and commander expressed their pleasure with the results, praised the units and instructed them to continue vigorously enforcing security. They also guided themselves during the practical implementation of the work. The employees were encouraged for the good work they are doing to ensure the safety of the community.

The ongoing operations inside the country will be tightened, with more stringent measures being taken. Surinamese police reports.

The Chief of Police and Commander are making an urgent appeal to the community to contribute to maintaining safety by exchanging information about disturbances and/or criminal offenses with the Command Center via 115, Information Line 179 or the nearest police station.

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