Hamas’ completely reasonable demand – Job

Hamas’ completely reasonable demand – Job


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I find it completely understandable. Once a sovereign Palestinian state becomes a reality, Hamas will disband its armed wing and become prepared to enter into a long-term ceasefire with Israel. This is said by a senior political official in the organization MLD Rights Forum. As long as there is occupation and colonialism, it is logical that there will be resistance. One thing begets another.

As long as Israel kills people, Hamas will do so too, although Hamas is far from being able to retaliate in kind. Study the Victim statistics From the past fifteen years. As long as Israel holds thousands of Palestinians captive without a fair trial, Hamas will also hold people hostage, something Hamas cannot normally do, but has been able to do since October 7, 2023.

There is no peace without justice. But sharing land on an equal basis is not in Israel’s dictionary. For those who look directly, the demand for a sovereign state is not at all strange. Be careful: this will only be a small part of the original pre-1948 Palestine! But my common sense may not be correct enough in the eyes of many respectable but ill-informed Dutch people, who believe that Israel is a nice and comfortable country, and that the Palestinians are a scary people.

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