Vice President Brunswick: “It is not Minister Amoxy, it is the police that should do the work.”

Vice President Brunswick: “It is not Minister Amoxy, it is the police that should do the work.”

Suriname's Vice President Ronnie Brunswick completely disagrees with the comment of several former ministers who previously stated that Minister of Justice and Police Kenneth Amoxy should keep the honor for himself. According to Brunswick, Amoxy's mission is not to confront criminals in the country, but rather the mission of the police. This should perform its tasks better and in a more targeted manner.

“It's not the minister who has to do this work. The police have to do this work. The minister can't go after criminals, can he? And I can't do that either,” Brunswick asserts. The country's second-in-command stated that the minister would not automatically get a Burning (bad name) if the police did better.

“Of course the minister is politically responsible for justice and the police, but the police must do this work. The Vice President said that the police are now doing the work, noting that sufficient measures have been taken to work efficiently and quickly in criminal activities.

Brunswick does not hide the fact that the crime wave in Suriname may be caused by the economic situation in the country, where unemployment rates are very high. But he stresses that this does not give anyone the right to steal or steal from others.

“But we must also work for employment, so that a number of people can also be helped to find work,” the Vice President said.

According to him, the clear language spoken by Brunswick last week at the National Assembly of Suriname (DNA) regarding actions against criminals has yielded the necessary results.

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“I don't think it has gotten worse. We were already in a criminal atmosphere and we made this decision. Of course, several things happened, but the police's vision is clear. And when something happens, the perpetrators are also arrested. So the work is being done. Of course this will not be changed in a day, but at least the criminals were given a clear signal that they were being dealt with, “and we will continue to do so,” says Brunswick.

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