Animal rights club PETA wants to ban horses from carousel rides

Animal rights club PETA wants to ban horses from carousel rides

to A message from Beta It is directed at Chance Rides, the largest manufacturer of rollercoasters in the United States.

Pictures of animals can give children the idea that “animals only exist for entertainment, while just like us they can experience fear, pain, joy and love.”

Bulldozers, spaceships and rainbows

“Children learn through play,” the organization says. “Teaching them respect and empathy for all living and sentient beings can help create a more just and compassionate world.”

According to PETA, images of animals should be replaced with cars, planes, spaceships, shooting stars, brooms, bulldozers and rainbows.

“Times are changing, and in recent decades our understanding of animals has evolved,” wrote PETA CEO Ingrid Newkirk. “Animals used as attractions, such as camels, horses, elephants, and dolphins, are not free to live their own lives.”

According to the letter, the change in direction will allow the manufacturer to send “two strong messages”: “Animals should be respected and not exploited, and companies can and must move with the times. Many other companies have adapted their designs in line with the spirit.” “Today's society's perception of our relationship with other species on this planet.”

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