The man was suspended and ordered to pay a fine of 6.2 million

The man was suspended and ordered to pay a fine of 6.2 million

We'll spare you right away: No, this driver wasn't driving so violently that he received a Ferrari collection-worth of fine. The man was stopped and examined during a police search. When the officers are handed a check, it turns out the police still have a bone to pick with him.

According to the Belgian VRT Customs spotted the man on the road and escorted him to a police checkpoint on the N80 motorway between Sint-Truiden and Hasselt, in the Belgian part of Limburg. There it becomes clear that the man still has an outstanding fine of more than 6.2 million euros.

How did the man get a €6.2 million fine?

The man, according to the Belgian newspaper Standard Founder of an advertising company that made very good money by supplying billboards in Formula 1. In 2013, the man and his accountant collapsed. The company allegedly laundered money and evaded taxes. Frauds totaling €50 million are said to have been committed.

In 2016, the man was sentenced to four years in prison and a fine of 60,000 euros. In addition, the Belgian state demands the return of a significant portion of criminally obtained income. This amount was estimated at 6,238,607 euros. Officers also saw this amount when they stopped the man and checked to see if there were any outstanding bills. There was a moment of confusion when the officers saw the amount, but upon examination it emerged that the man still owed millions of dollars to the Belgian government.

The man now has thirty days to pay the €6.2 million fine. If he does not do so, the police will confiscate his car and put the car up for sale. Unfortunately, we don't know what kind of car this best man drove. If the value of that car is less than €6.2 million – there's a good chance it is – the Belgian state could confiscate more of the man's property.

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