Mark Rutte sings “Brabant” by Guus Meeuwis and it sounds like it

Mark Rutte sings “Brabant” by Guus Meeuwis and it sounds like it

We can no longer ignore artificial intelligence (AI). You may have already used it to rhyme your shopping list as a joke, used it to write the ABC’s of your humble retired fellow, or do you still find it all a bit scary. Anyway: the selection is huge. Much is possible. Did Mark Root sing a Joss Mewes song? can only. In fact, it has already been done.

A video that appeared on TikTok on Wednesday morning caught our attention. It is our Prime Minister, or at least his voice, who dares cover Brabant. It’s not really Rutte, but an AI version of the VVD politician. Then he sings, a little more nasal and with some traces of a soft G, Guus Meeuwis.

To add a clich√© to it: anything is possible nowadays. You probably already know ChatGPT, the program that answers your questions like a lightning fast search engine. But AI can really do endless things. What you’re seeing here is that technology is being used to distort a song in such a way that it looks like someone else is singing it. Fragments of Rutte’s voice are used to smear it with Meeuwis. Well then you get this.

Well, Rutte’s AI singing talent is pretty cool, but of course the politician isn’t a real singer. Would it be better if Guus was covered in AI by musical people in real life? Judge for yourself. Then we kick it off for you with American rapper Ye.

Or how about Het Is Een Nacht, but by rapper Juice WRLD?

We don’t know why rapper Juice WRLD makes AI covers so often. But to top it all off, the Brabant cap is made with its own AI sound.

This time it’s not just one, but it’s actually a cover story. do you remember, English version of the song by singer Angie Lambeau? Well, it is actually that number. But with the voice of Juice WRLD. Are you still following?

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