Meghan and Harry adopt a dog that was rescued from a breeding factory |  show

Meghan and Harry adopt a dog that was rescued from a breeding factory | show

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan adopted a dog that was rescued in July from a shockingly poor American dog farm. The couple personally picked up 7-year-old Beagle Mia from the shelter, writes Los Angeles Times.

“The Duchess contacted me personally about the adoption,” said animal rights attorney Shannon Keith, who runs the Beagle Freedom Project in Los Angeles. Keith says she didn’t immediately realize who she was on the phone. “I called without caller ID and said, ‘Hey Shannon, this is Megan. “We talked for thirty minutes and I thought, is this Megan Fox?” Keith says, laughing. Then, she quickly realized Megan who was on the phone with her.

Along with Harry and a few security guards, the Duchess visited the orphanage this month, where they had come to choose their new roommate. The two played with dogs in the garden and said they were consciously looking for an older dog. The paper wrote that this was because they knew puppies usually find a home faster.

The Mia Beagle was one of 4,000 dogs rescued from a massive breeding facility in Cumberland, Virginia, in July. Envico bred dogs for medical experiments, but took poor care of the animals, according to a confidential investigation by animal welfare organization Peta. In July, the factory was forced to close its doors for systematically violating the US Animal Welfare Act. The dogs split about different projects where they are taken care of until a new home is found.

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