Winston Gerstanovich Could Make Hundreds of Millions Through His "Charity"

Winston Gerstanovich Could Make Hundreds of Millions Through His “Charity”

With the Earth Today charity, Winston Gerstanovich could have made Earth a little better. But it is likely that the presenter will benefit mainly from it, Find out quote.

At Earth Today, people can adopt a square meter of nature for 1.20 euros, for example in the rainforest or on Wadden Island. This way they can protect that nature. Many people and companies have already stepped in.

The idea comes from entrepreneur Case Zeggers, who founded, among others. He brought in Gerschtanowitz and his media agency. However, they did not create an enterprise as usual, but a newly designed company form.

They say they gain nothing from it: it’s all for nature. But Quote discovered after nearly a year of research that he was completely different. EarthToday is a for-profit company with a highly profitable business model. The founders also bought many meters of nature, but at much lower prices. They hope that prices will rise and expect to make 3.6 billion euros in about seven years.

Jan Terlo, project lead, is shocked by the Quote’s findings. “It’s been taken away from me, the potential for people to make money with it. I don’t think that’s the intention. I find that troubling. Once that’s the case, I’m going to take my hand off her.”

Gerstanovic, following Quote’s insistence, said he would give hundreds of millions of euros in profits to “nature”.

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