But the bags are not ready.

But the bags are not ready.

Lale Gül is thinking about ‘going abroad for a while and writing there’.Mark Driessen’s photo

since her book I’m going to live Out, Gul regularly faces threats. Different subtitles and film adaptation may fuel the number of threats again. She gave because her book was released in Germany on Tuesday Interview with NU.nlAnywhere Albarol I mentioned about him. In it, the 24-year-old writer said that she is considering going abroad temporarily.

Lale Gül, are you really thinking about leaving the Netherlands (temporarily)?

“I’m thinking about it. Especially if I had another day I sent a column like last Friday to the world Who criticizes Ramadan?† This column has been hacked by websites such as Jongeturken.nl and dekantteken.nl. Then in no time, your inbox will be full of messages like “Just wait, you are our enemy” and “I hope something bad happens to you filthy infidel Cancer bitch.”

This means that I sometimes think about how long I should last and whether I should take a break outside. It’s not that my bags are ready now, they are not too sharp. But if it continues like this, I’ll think about it. Nothing has been definitively decided yet.”

In the interview with Nu.nl, you said that you expect threats to increase in the near future?

The German translation of my book came out on Tuesday. I get mostly positive feedback, but also a lot of negative. There are also many requests for interviews, and if I want to promote my book, I really must cooperate. But as everyone knows, there is a large Turkish community in Germany, and these see me. Then I will ask myself all these questions. Do I have to be on TV? Should I give a lecture? Should I write a column criticizing Ramadan? Am I a writer and columnist who dares to give her opinion on everything, or should I step on the brakes?

And when the English version is released, I think it will only get worse. But I don’t think removing my social media is a solution, because the hate continues. You just don’t see it anymore, at least I still see it now. And I don’t want a nun’s life without the Internet, I want to continue what I’m doing. And on Instagram I also receive positive messages from which I get support.”

Have you ever questioned the translation of your book into certain languages?

“Yes, for example, I told my publisher we would never do Arabic translation. I don’t trust it. I don’t speak that language and then I find all the crazy people everywhere. But I often get requests in Arabic. Al Jazeera wanted to make a movie My documentary is about me, but it has nothing to do with the Middle East. I basically want to keep what I do in Europe.”

Have you ever thought about stopping or taking a break?

“Sometimes I think: I won’t write anymore, I’ll put my pen down. That was basically During the trial period of the boy who threatened me† Then I wonder what to do. But positive messages actually help. Then you think again: Damn it, I’ll go on.”

Jules also says he gives freedom speeches across the country for the Roosevelt Foundation. “Celebrities in the Netherlands are then asked to prepare a lecture,” says Gul. “So I do it every now and then I have to deal with a lot of aggression from the room.” So she gets two security guards with the lectures, but she doesn’t even think about giving the lectures. “I think it’s important to do.”

Are you afraid sometimes?

“I feel safe at home, but sometimes I get anxious when I’m on TV and when it’s being advertised, just like in my lectures or lectures. Safety remains one thing.”

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