Till Lindemann Releases Sexual Assault Video Despite Allegations |  Displays

Till Lindemann Releases Sexual Assault Video Despite Allegations | Displays

Video metSpeaking of weird timing: Rammstein singer Till Lindemann (60’s) new video, which is all about sexual assault, was put online this weekend. The accompanying clip of the song Son of sin, a duet with Dutch singer Sharon Kovacs (33). Earlier, the release of the music video was canceled following allegations of cross-border behavior by Rammstein Commander.

After contacting Lindemann, singer Sharon Kovacs, who is particularly popular in the Netherlands, sent a demo Son of sin on me. Lindemann did not have to think long about recording a duet. to Kovacs Son of sin A very personal song dealing with the trauma of her childhood sexual abuse. ,, It’s about the annoying things I went through in the past, that I had to go to therapy for. Then a number like that gets an extra charge. It still brings up a lot of bad feelings and thoughts sometimes.”

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Till Lindemann. © AFP

The timing of the music video’s release is noteworthy as Lindemann’s transgressive behavior at the German metal band’s after-parties is currently being investigated. The sensitive video was supposed to be released five weeks ago, but was then canceled due to allegations of sexual assault.

In any case, Kovacs seems very happy to collaborate. “It was a very delicate subject and I have always felt great respect and support from Thiel and his team,” she said. The telegraph. “I strongly oppose any form of abuse against women and believe that sharing my personal story is an important step in raising awareness about the consequences of abuse and its long-term impact on the lives of women and girls.”

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