Lillian Marinissen is pregnant with a married man?

Lillian Marinissen is pregnant with a married man?

Suddenly Lillian Marinissen drops the pregnancy bombshell. But among the congratulations there is also a hint of backbiting, reminiscent of a previous alleged scandal with Jan Slagter!

Liliane Marinissen (38 years old), the political tiger from Aos, surprises friend and foe with her pregnancy. In an interview with Algemeen Dagblad last August, she played the role of… One card After her turbulent relationship with Bart Knowles. Clearly something else was brewing behind the scenes.

At that time, she was asked if she wanted to become a mother. Her answer was ambiguous: “I would like to have children, if I were given one. But with or without a partner? I have confidence that everything will be fine, but I am taking it step by step.”

Youthful love
Well, if this is Step By Step, then she's definitely got her seven leagues on, because she revealed this week to much fanfare that she's pregnant with Juri Janssen. But congratulations are not completely unconditional. Rumor has it that Goiri has abandoned his childhood sweetheart for Liliane. On top of that, it is rumored that their romantic relationship began as a case of adultery.

Sources even revealed on RealityFBI that he is still officially married and Yuri's eldest daughter no longer wants to see him. And it gets worse: another source reveals that Yuri's wife found out about their affair before the election. “He packed his bags from Harlem and went to live in Amsterdam. His wife still wants him back. He's cheated before.”

This last comment rings a bell. Years ago, the rumor mill was flying at full speed about Lillian and celebrity Max Jean Slagter. This caused a huge uproar, especially since Slagter is no less than 31 years old than Lillian.

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Slagter, who had been married to his wife, Ingrid, for 25 years at the time, tried to dispel the rumors with a practical tone. But the damage was already done when Rutte made a joke during a reporters' dinner about the alleged affair between Slagter and Liliane, the daughter of famous actor Jean Marinis. “Jan’s daughter is being groomed for politics. She is even receiving media training at Omroep Max,” Rutte said.

He smiles
Slagter couldn't help but smile. To be honest, I'm not even thinking about the whole situation surrounding Lillian's pregnancy, if this gossip turns out to be true.

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