The Jelies Family from Een Huis Vol Now Really Back to Spain: “Quiet of”

The Jelies Family from Een Huis Vol Now Really Back to Spain: “Quiet of”

“We’ve had a very busy few days,” mom Yannick wrote on Instagram. The family crammed everything into the moving truck on Tuesday and is on its way. “How great all of them: neighbors, brothers, brothers-in-law, sister-in-law, older girls and nieces came to the rescue.”

The registration of the father and mother in the municipality has been cancelled. This is really crazy. She was so emotional all week anyway and this past weekend. Since then, the family has broken up. For example, Janneke sleeps with her mother with the youngest of five children, and the other children are spread over neighbours, family and friends. Father Johan has already left for Spain with Janneke’s brother and freshly washed and trimmed dog Bella.

Meanwhile, Janneke is surprised by her surroundings. Her old house has been completely cleaned out. This was so amazing and I am so blessed with such wonderful people around me. We are so grateful these weeks that we have been silent about it.

And now the Spanish adventure could begin. We are leaving for Spain next week. And we can’t wait, even though we’ve also been having this fun sweet time with my mom for a while,” Janneke concludes her post.

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