9-year-old Branson saves his parents’ lives after a tornado in the United States |  RTL News

9-year-old Branson saves his parents’ lives after a tornado in the United States | RTL News

Last weekend, a number of tornadoes struck the American state. Several people died as a result of the natural disaster, many were injured, and others lost their homes and property.

Branson and his parents, Wayne and Lindy, were on their way to a safe place to take cover when their car suddenly got stuck in a tornado. Wayne’s brother, Johnny, was on the phone with family when the tornado hit the car.

There was little left of the car and both parents were seriously injured. The father broke his neck, back, several ribs and an arm. The mother of the family also suffered a fracture in her back and neck, as well as a punctured lung and a broken jaw.

Miraculously, Branson was not injured. The 9-year-old got out of the car and walked about two kilometers in the dark through all the debris caused by the tornado. Eventually, he rang the doorbell of a neighbor who helped him arrange help for his critically injured parents.

“Do not die”

“The only light in his path were flashes of lightning,” Uncle Johnny says. Against CBS News. “He ran as fast as he could, covering more than a mile in about 10 minutes. Quite impressive for such a young boy.”

“The last thing he said before his parents left was: ‘Please don’t die, I will come back.’”

Both parents are currently in hospital, but are expected to make a full recovery.

Meanwhile, the family has no income. A collection process has begun to compensate the family financially. The equivalent of approximately €20,000 has already been raised.

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