‘Wishful thinking to drive a wedge between Russia and China’

‘Wishful thinking to drive a wedge between Russia and China’

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Chinese companies find it difficult to do business with Russia. This is due to US economic sanctions. Sinologist RT Bowers, founder of the China Circle and a lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, explains that wishful thinking is creating a rift in China’s relationship with Russia. “The relationship between Russia and China is closer than we would like.”

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President Xi Jinping is scheduled to visit France, Hungary and Serbia. His first European visit in five years. Europe correspondent Geert Jan Hahn explains which topics will be on the table, including Macron’s Elysées.

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Practical Orban

Despite pressure from European leaders, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has maintained himself as an outsider within the EU for 14 years. NOS’s Europe correspondent Tijn Sadée says Orbán does this by positioning himself as the ultimate pragmatist and has gathered a clan around him.

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Shooting a dog is too much for Americans Postma in the US

Christie Nome was one of the favorites to become Trump’s running mate, but she shot herself in the foot, or rather, she shot her dog. Republicans and the American media have declared Noem politically dead. You’re listening to American reporter John Postma.

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