Soon you'll be running Android TV with your phones as a remote control

Soon you’ll be running Android TV with your phones as a remote control

Google will soon allow Android TV users to control their TV without a remote control. Your smartphone can also take over this task for Google TV. She will not be working in the Netherlands at the moment, but she will already be working in Belgium.

Smartphone as a remote control

Everyone knows this feeling: You’re lying on the couch, only to discover that the remote control is painfully far away from you. Then you have to choose. Will you leave the cool lying position to set up another program, or will you continue to enjoy yourself on the couch, but without the program you would like to see.

Google is getting rid of these Android TV and Google TV users first worldDilemmas with a new feature of the Google TV app. You might be thinking “what is the Google TV app”. Well, this is the successor to Google Play Movies, which is already available in the US. Google TV will be able to find your new remote control that looks like a touchpad. One advantage is that with your phone you can also type faster with the keyboard than with a TV remote control. In addition, there will be a panel in the quick settings with which you can open the virtual remote control even faster.


This brings us to the lower quality news. It’s no surprise that you might not know the Google TV app. The app is not yet available in the Netherlands and Belgium. This will still be the case in the Netherlands for now, but Belgium is one of 14 countries where the application is expanding. In the coming weeks, Belgians will find Google TV on their phones and in the Play Store.

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We don’t know yet when the app will also be available in the Netherlands, but it looks like Google is striving to roll it out worldwide. Another question is when Google will make Chromecast with Google TV available in Benelux. The KPN provider may have already revealed that this launch anyway is on schedule.

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