The Golden Lion is in Venice to attend the film Poor Things by Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos

The Golden Lion is in Venice to attend the film Poor Things by Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos

Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos won the Golden Lion for his film Bad Things at the Venice Film Festival.ANP/EPA photo

No, Yorgos Lanthimos (50) doesn’t really look surprised when he wins the Golden Lion Bad things. What do you want too? The Greek director, already a quiet type, was a firm favorite all week with his adaptation of Scottish writer Alasdair Grey’s delightful, sexually daring feminist novel from 1992. A two-and-a-half-hour, visually vivid black comedy in which heroine Bella Baxter, Similar to Frankenstein, resurrected from the dead, with Victorian etiquette.

The film was from the 80th edition of International Film FestivalThe jury also recognized his leadership La la land-Director Damien Chazelle. Lead actress Emma Stone was not present at the awards ceremony on Lido Island, and also missed the world premiere last weekend, due to the actors’ strike. Lanthimos, on his actress: “Bella Baxter, this wonderful creature, would not exist without that other wonderful creature, Emma Stone.” She is this movie, in front of and behind the camera.

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The Greek, who focuses on analyzing bizarre human behavior in absurdist comedies, had his breakthrough at Cannes in 2009 with Dog tooth. In total, his films have been nominated for an Academy Award twelve times (including: crayfish in Favorite). But the main prize of one of the major festivals was still missing.

Emma Stone in Poor Things.  Image image film

Emma Stone in Poor Things.Image image film

Other prizes

The Grand Jury Prize, also called the Second Prize, went to the new drama by Oscar-winning Japanese director Ryosuke Hamaguchi (Driving my car). Gradually work toward explosion Evil does not exist At a luxury camping site, to be built amid Japanese nature, the PR team encounters hesitant locals.

The Silver Lion (for Best Director) went to Matteo Garrone I’m captain. Italian, known for his poignant crime thriller Gomorrah (2008), a conventional but compelling melodrama about two young refugees from Senegal, trying to reach Italy via desert and sea. The lead actor also won. Newcomer Seydou Sarr won the Best Young Actor award.

Actor Seydou Sarr (left) and director Matteo Garrone.  Image by Getty Images

Actor Seydou Sarr (left) and director Matteo Garrone.BuildGetty Images

Best case scenario it was number, It was written by the most famous Chilean director Pablo Larraín, who also directed the film. He wrote a vampire story with Guillermo Calderón about the bloodthirsty and seemingly immortal former dictator Augusto Pinochet.

Cailee Spaeny won Best Actress for her role as Priscilla Presley in Sofia Coppola’s biographical drama. Priscilla. Peter Sarsgaard won best actor for his role as a man with dementia in Michel Franco’s relationship drama memory.

Thus, it was the American actors who controlled the festival, despite their union’s strike. Spaeny, Sarsgaard and the films they appeared in received special permission from the union to carry out promotional activities. This is because the American (independent) film companies participating in their films meet the union’s demands, unlike the major film studios and media companies.

Cailee Spaeny won Best Actress Image ANP/EPA

Cailee Spaeny won Best ActressANP/EPA photo

Two awards for the Dutch people

The Special Jury Prize was awarded for Shocking and Breakthrough Green border By Agnieszka Holland. A black-and-white film drama about the refugee crisis on the border between Poland and Belarus, in which the director switches between the viewpoints of border police, aid workers and refugees. Earlier this week, Poland’s Justice Minister described the (unseen) film as “Nazi propaganda.”

The Netherlands won two awards at the Venice Immersive Competition, for virtual reality and new feature film technologies. Passerby songs Directed by Celine Damon, it won the Grand Jury Prize. flow By Adrian Lookmans was honored with a Special Jury Award. Two virtual reality productions can also be admired in the Netherlands later this year.

“Poor Things” can be seen in Dutch cinemas from February 2024.

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