Reader Question: Did Alexia get a brooch at the ship’s christening?

Reader Question: Did Alexia get a brooch at the ship’s christening?

A ship baptism includes thanksgiving. I received several questions in my mailbox yesterday, because Princess Alexia also received something? And if so, what? You can read my answer in this blog.

Let’s start from the beginning. Yesterday, Saturday 9 September, Princess Alexia named the suction hopper excavator that bears her name, VOX Alexia.

When a ship is christened or launched, the Queen or Princess usually receives a jewel. This is not an obligation, but a nice touch from the ship owner. When Princess Beatrix launched the Limburg submarine hunter in 1955, she received a “ten-link white gold bracelet,” according to the Algemeen Dagblad website. Each link is set with brilliant rubies and diamonds. The bracelet is designed by Dutch jewelry designer Ms. AB van der Meulen and made in the studio of her father D. Th. vd Meulen in The Hague.”

Job van Belsen/National Archives

Thanks to Rensky’s research, I can show you the gem.

For example, she wore the gift in 2013 during a visit to Winterswijk.

Patrick van Cutwijk/BSR

In 1962 it was the turn of the sea tug “Zwarte Water”. There the princess received a brooch with an oval ruby ​​in the middle, including a platinum band studded with diamonds in five links. The gift demonstrated the skill of the jeweler Stiltmann and the princess herself. She was allowed to make the design herself.

Harry Butt/National Archives

With Al-Jawhara in 2017.


When Princess Beatrix was young, filming of a mecha show was still allowed. What she got when the ship was christened “Vasum” is unfortunately not visible in the photos, but you can see she is carrying a jewelry box.

National Archives

Princess Margaret received the jewel below as a gift at Neferita’s christening (1967).

When Princess Margaret received a brooch, she often pinned it immediately. This also happened during the ship’s christening in 1966.

National Archives / Jacques de Neguses

Unfortunately, the tide has turned. Today the gift is shrouded in mystery. It is therefore unknown what Maxima received when she was baptized on board the ship.

(Personal protective equipment)

Unfortunately, it has not been announced whether Princess Alexia received a brooch, bracelet or earrings yesterday. We know she received another gift: a model of Vox Alexia.

Personal protective equipment

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