The relationship crisis leaves its mark on Help, Mijn Man Is Klusser!

The relationship crisis leaves its mark on Help, Mijn Man Is Klusser!

In Neufen, Jill and her family have been living between the cold and insects for three years. Jill’s children are terrified and have been sleeping in her bed for years, while her husband, Marcel, sleeps elsewhere every night. “We live like brother and sister,” the Desperate Generation opens a candid book when John comes over to get the story. “I stayed with him, because I still love him somewhat (…) He is the father of my children. I don’t think you should just throw the towel and think: This is it. Then. This is not how I grew up either.”

Hence, not only is the home – which lacks a roof – in disarray, but their relationship is also on the verge of collapsing. A generation now is completely going through it. She herself does everything in her power, while her husband Marcel prefers to stay in the shed. The family suffers from it a lot, and for a generation the volume is now full.

While it is often difficult to find the love of engaged couples, this time John is very impressed with the situation. Terrified with a simple kiss or hug, Jill even had an affair with another guy for a while, while she was still with Neville. And it still hurts him, says Marcel when John comes to see him.

“There was a time when we said: The barn is mine and the house is yours (…) We agreed to stay together for the children,” but according to both John and Marcel, this is not enough to establish their relationship with Save. “I’m still crazy about it, but it happened before I fell in love with someone else.”

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It also hits or breaks for Gill and Marcel, who don’t feel the house belongs to him. “I don’t think it’s really my home. It’s furnished the way you want it, with all the trimmings from it. Even her room,” says John, who decided to include Jill in the conversation as well. The presenter told them, “There is something to do about your relationship.” There, Gill and Marcel agree.

So John tries to bring the couple closer by taking a photo, and that seems to be paying off. It’s not just the roof of the team Help my husband is handyman! Restore their relationship. For example, they are (often) in one bed again and are open to working on their relationship. A win-win situation!

Help my husband is handyman! It airs every Monday at 8.30pm on RTL4. Watch the episode via RTL XL Videoland.

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