The American jury selects a Dutch book cover to select 50 books and 50 covers

The American jury selects a Dutch book cover to select 50 books and 50 covers

Cover of the Dutch edition of Grid, prepared by Dog and Pony Agency, Amsterdam.

Moreover, it is atypical for this type Grid It has a purely typographical composition.

The winning design is by Karen Rosenck, graphic designer at Dog and Pony Agency in Amsterdam. Among other things, the agency created the visual identity for Eredivisie and BNNVara.

“We’ve been including book covers from the start,” says Paul Van Haren, owner of Dog and Pony. It’s a welcome change. Sometimes we do this as a group and offer different covers to the publisher, sometimes one of us works on the task and one design comes up.

Thrillers usually work with imagery that reference crime or plot, in order to enhance tension, says Van Haren. This book is about layers of information and the government is watching. This fact lends itself to a graphical approach.

Since 1923, the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) has been organizing an international election for the best books. All of the “award winning” copies—now several thousand—are in the Columbia University Library’s Hall of Fame. They can be searched by publication year, designer, and color palette at

Grid It is the sensational debut of British journalist and defense specialist Nick Cook, published by AW Bruna Uitgevers. It is about the fictional American President Robert S. Thompson.

In a recurring nightmare, he is warned that he will be killed. De Volkskrant ruled last year with a thrilling, paranoia-filled conspiracy with several secret services. “Complicated construction, of course you can also make it very complex.”

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