These were Meghan’s most eye-catching comments on Elaine

Megan and Elaine

Megan and Elaine

People who had hoped Meghan Markle, 40, would make exciting discoveries on talk show Ellen DeGeneres, 63, were disappointed. Topics such as the British royal family, her naughty father, and the lawsuit against Associated Newspapers have been meticulously avoided. However, there were still some sweet anecdotes in the interview.

“I think Archie now realizes that he’s the older brother and that he likes it too.”

We have listed the best ones for you below.

candid about children

Where Meghan and Harry don’t usually share much about their children, Meghan made an exception for Eileen. For example, you tell that Archie (2) is acting like a real big brother towards his five-month-old sister, Lillipet. “He loves being a big brother. Everyone talks about what it’s like to parent a second baby, but no one is saying how different it is for the first and second here. I think Archie now realizes he’s a big brother and he really loves that too.” Meghan also shared A photo of Archie, which clearly shows that he inherited his father’s orange hair.

You can see the image below at 3.54:

embarrassing moment during exams

It must have been crazy for Meghan to be in Elaine’s studio, because she used to come there regularly to audition as an actress. Megan admits that she was not a witch at the time. For example, I drove a very old Ford Explorer whose driver-side key didn’t always work. “Then I opened the luggage compartment and went inside, closed the lid behind me and climbed over all the seats. That’s how I got in and out.”

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Beginning of a relationship with Harry

Meghan also tells how she initially tried to keep her relationship with Harry a secret. In 2016, the two went to a party in disguise on Halloween for the last time before the whole world knew they were a couple. Harry was then visiting Toronto, Canada, with his cousin Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank. “The four of us snuck into town in Halloween costumes. It was a post-apocalyptic theme. So we all dressed up in really weird costumes and had one last fun night.”

Good relationship with Elaine

It also turns out that Ellen and Megan are good friends. Eileen and her wife, Portia de Rossi, are Meghan and Harry’s neighbors in Montecito, California. They all recently celebrated Halloween, but it didn’t quite go as expected. “We wanted to do something fun for the kids, but they didn’t feel like it at all,” Megan said. Archie wore a dinosaur suit, but he wore it for “less than five minutes”. According to Elaine, Harry eventually managed to convince him to put on Dino’s head. Lillipet was dressed like a skunk, “like a Bambi flower.”

Children’s book inspiration

Of course Megan was also there for her recently released children’s book the seat On Eileen’s sofa, she revealed that the book was originally a poem she wrote to Harry on Father’s Day. “It was about my observation of him and him as a father.” After sharing it with some friends and getting enthusiastic responses for it being thorough and representative, I decided to publish it as a children’s book. “I wanted every aspect, especially the softer side of masculinity and parenthood, to be there, and for everyone to feel like they could recognize these pages. I never had this as a little girl.”

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Where the previous interview in the UK caused quite a stir, it was something different in the US:

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