“Sprints radically overhauled: reversed grid and separate World Cup”

“Sprints radically overhauled: reversed grid and separate World Cup”

2023-10-24 10:24:13
Ludo van Denderen

After another boring Sprint in the US, teams and Formula 1 seem to have had enough: Sprints need to be radically different. Motorsport.com I heard that there are now discussions about making modifications. There seems to be little that cannot be mentioned, the site reported.

Decisions have not yet been made on what the format should look like in the near future. However, Max Verstappen being crowned world champion after a sprint race was a thorn in the side of Formula 1, and not just the Grand Prix – the main event. It is for this reason that the separation of sprint racing from the Formula 1 World Championship is now being considered. This means that there may be a separate championship for the Sprint. In that championship, the winner will likely win a large sum of money ($1 million?), as an additional incentive for the drivers.

“The inverted grid is an option”

Another option for Formula 1 is to work with the so-called reverse grid. After qualifying (for the Grand Prix), the starting grid will be completely reversed for the sprint race; For example, from the last number starting from pole position or (as in Formula 2 in drag racing) only for the first eight of qualifying.

By the way, not all team captains are keen on choosing the inverted grid. For example, Toto Wolff actually indicated that he did not feel that way. “I’m conservative when it comes to racing. I’d rather sit out the sprints than get involved in them. With reverse grid racing, we’re moving towards the junior categories, where entertainment is more important than sport. It should be the other way around.”

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The Mercedes team boss does not receive support from Christian Horner, his teammate at Red Bull Racing. He believes it is appropriate to add additional elements that would make speed racing more exciting for the audience and drivers.

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