Abel returns with new music 24 years after the success of “Onderweg.”

Abel returns with new music 24 years after the success of “Onderweg.”

Breda band Abel, known for their hit song “Onderweg” in 2000, is back with new music. It is the first time in thirteen years that the band has entered the studio to write new music.

The whole Netherlands sang “Onderweg” en masse at the beginning of this century. The song’s first line, “Shut the door,” became more famous than the title itself. In 2000, Abel stormed the charts out of nowhere. The song spent six weeks at number one on the Top 40 chart. Now, almost 24 years later, it’s time to return.

The band surrounding singer Joris Rassenberg recently entered the studio to record new music. The first single “Do You See It Too” is the beginning of the new album that will be released later. “It started itching again,” Rasenberg says. “The desire to create something was great.”

First on Omroep Brabant
The new song will be released next Friday. Anyone curious should turn on the radio on Thursday morning. From 7am, Abel singer Joris Rassenberg will be Koen Wijn’s guest on the Wakker morning show! In Omrup Brabant. The song can be heard there for the first time on Dutch radio.

New offers
Abel last released new music in 2010. In 2022, there was a one-off reunion at the Breda Live Festival. This will continue now, because the band is also planning to perform again.

What does “On the Road” sound like again? like him.

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