In an hour and a half off the court, the flat band Muse Carré plays with brute force |  show

In an hour and a half off the court, the flat band Muse Carré plays with brute force | show

reconsideringMuse was in Carré on a Sunday evening for the “happy few”, who had a great evening. This was also due to the location and the feeling of exclusivity.

When Carré ends up at the end of the show knights of sidonia When someone jumps up and threatens the Royal Theater to explode at the seams, everyone in attendance feels the magic of the moment.

It’s also a rare opportunity: to be in attendance with about 2,000 people in a band that easily fills stadiums and potentially attracts 60,000 to Malefield next year.


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In an hour and a half, Moussa Carre plays with brute force. Earplugs to protect your hearing are a must tonight. The British trio, with keyboardist Dan Lancaster, is once again that band’s biggest show. We will see this caliber again next year, during the World Tour which is also visiting The Hague.

The lucky ones are in Carré on Sundays, where a few lamps provide a display element. They already saw Matt Bellamy at the opening Will of the people He jumps on stage and solo gets to his knees several times.


Sometimes, Moses drives the audience on the floor crazy. With a presentation, you only have one option at those times: join a group pogo game. Then it doesn’t even matter what is being played. Because Adel Adel: Musa, who draws for seven songs from his latest album Will of the people, has better current material. The question is whether the songs are like Compliance and editing And the You make me feel like Halloween Stay upright if you are not standing or sitting on top of it. Then it really comes down to the show around it. In Cary, where she was sociological patient And the starlight After ignoring their greatest success, the intimacy of the place makes up for it a lot.

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No matter how special he is, there is something to criticize for the evening. It’s still hard for the Muse members to fall short on charisma, which is really something other than impressing the audience with the music. The latter is fine with Moses in Amsterdam, but the relationship with the audience has not been formed for a moment. That would have made a seemingly exclusive performance truly memorable.

Watch the show and entertainment videos below.

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