Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro 2 leaked in higher resolution

Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro 2 leaked in higher resolution

Best Buy product page for the Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro 2 went online very early and released many details about the Ring video doorbell. For example, the new video doorbell has a new sensor with higher resolution and the smart doorbell provides “3D motion detection”.

Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro 2

On the Canadian retailer product page, which was found by ZatNotFunny And now from Best Buy Is currently takenIn this article, several details have emerged about the upcoming Ring video doorbell. One of the most important innovations is the image reproduction from top to toe due to the high resolution of Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro 2. The original Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro features a 1080p camera sensor, with the second version the resolution increased to 1536 pixels.

With the high resolution of this camera sensor, it should be possible to see the person in front of your door from head to toe, while the person is also slightly sharper than their predecessor. Moreover, the top-to-toe function makes it easy to recognize if the parcel deliverer has left a parcel at your door. Ring is not the first company to choose a higher resolution video doorbell; Arlo Essential Video Doorbell already offered the same hardware upgrade in 2019.

Built-in default responses

In addition to the higher resolution and wider viewing angle, Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro 2 offers a 3D motion sensor. With this motion sensor, it can recognize movements near the doorbell. On top of that, it’s possible to have conversations via video doorbell and Ring has included a number of standard responses from Alexa voice assistant, so you don’t always have to start the conversation on your own with those in the front door.

Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro 2 leaked in higher resolution

The current Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro has a slightly different design

Best Buy’s product page also included one image of a Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro 2. At first glance, little appears to have changed. The video doorbell appears to be a little wider than the current Wi-Fi video doorbell. Moreover, the logo is less prominent and Ring has opted for a matte finish to replace the previous generation’s glossy black plate.

Lancering Video Doorbell Pro 2

Finally, I mentioned Best Buy on the product page for the Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro 2 at CAD $ 324.99, which comes in at around € 210 (excluding taxes). For the original Video Doorbell Pro, Ring charges a suggested retail price of € 279 in the Netherlands. It is not known if it will stick to this line or whether the price will decrease. We’ll probably wait until March 31 for more information: This was the pre-order date mentioned on the Best Buy page.

Take the rumors – including a possible launch date – of course with the necessary grains of salt. Often these product pages contain placeholder information. So there’s a chance that Ring will fire the doorbell before the mentioned launch date. What do you think about Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro 2 as it is now leaked? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Ring - always at home

Ring – always at home

This app is part of Ring VIdeo Doorbell 2 and other products. It allows you to view the camera and set up new products. You can also choose the ringtones yourself.

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