New stock of PlayStation 5 on the way?  All information about possible drops in a row

New stock of PlayStation 5 on the way? All information about possible drops in a row

to PlayStation 5 It was released in the Netherlands on November 19, 2020, but unfortunately many people are still waiting for the console. There remains a great deal of uncertainty about when the inventory woes will be resolved, but the shortfall is expected to continue until at least the summer. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance in the meantime, because there’s still a lot to do this month.

PlayStation 5

Updated 02/15 (00:00) ← Another week has arrived and may be accompanied by a few drops. We also have some bad news, as Sony retailers have complained about the leak, which will dry up information about future deliveries. The latest information was that new cargoes are scheduled to be delivered to the Dutch and Belgian markets this week. This is the current situation:

  • Bol.comOn Friday, February 5, it was reported that 4,000 tablet versions were delivered It was.With. These controllers have not yet been introduced, although we suspect this was due to restrictions in PostNL due to bad weather. The weather forecast is good and there’s a good chance something will happen soon.
  • Cool blue Sony will add 400 disc editions and 300 digital editions on February 5 Cool blue Delivered. A page has now been detected in Coolblue indicating this Soon a lottery will be organized. On this page it can be read that 600 to 700 copies were available, but this information has since been removed.
  • Media Market to Media Market I started again last week calling people who could get their pre-order. Not all pre-orders have been delivered yet, so the chance to sell one time is zero.
  • Mania gameBee Mania game Pre-orders have also been delivered since last week, but that won’t be enough to complete the full list.
  • Wehkamp Last week there will be 300 Disk Edition copies Wehkamp It was delivered, although it is not yet clear when it will be provided.
  • Aharoun – Bcc One sale contract last Friday, while Ned game Packages for guaranteed delivery in early March. So we expect little movement on both sides in the next week.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

Update 02/13 (23:02) ← Several readers point to this Mania game Meanwhile, we’re starting to contact people who could have the PS5 they asked for. Bee The weather is still calm, although as previously explained this could be due to restrictions and delays in PostNL due to the winter weather. Another drop occurred on Thursday Ned game And just in Bcc. In both cases a package was offered. Another 300 copies of the disc version will be added Wehkamp Expected, although it is not yet clear when it will be offered. Cool blue He has it now Delivery has been confirmed. We suspect that the lottery It was postponed due to bad weather and that hasn’t happened yet.

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Update 10/20 (19:18) ← We regularly see feedback about customer service for He says they know nothing about the delivery. Well that’s right, because they weren’t notified. The only thing you can do now is wait and a drop could happen today, tomorrow, or even next week. Weather can also affect plans, as we know from other parties that there are currently restrictions on the maximum number of wrapping containers that can be delivered. Therefore, stay on the product page for PlayStation 5 at The digital version of the PS5 stay tuned. Moreover, we can confirm that some of the companies affiliated with Media Market I started to deliver again today. Pre-orders that were still open in the online store will also be delivered soon.

According to Patrick Mous (Telegram PS5 Chat), new copies will be delivered on Thursday, February 11th Wehkamp (300 Disk Editions) en Bcc (500 disk copies). As far as we know, both parties have no pre-orders pending and here too the same story applies: this is the date of delivery, not the day they go on sale. There is no information available on these matters.

Update 02/08 (01:20) ← Just an update from Patrick (Telegram PS5 Chat) with everything that will happen in the coming days. Watch out, because that’s all Delivery to retailers at Not Every other day That they go to on sale. We do not know and it makes no sense to constantly ask for it. A decrease usually occurs sometime in the following days.

  • Bol.comOn Friday, February 5, it was reported that 4,000 tablet versions were delivered It was.With. The reservation list is now complete, so these are all copies for single copy sales, although, as with other parties, an alternate route can be chosen.
  • Cool blue Sony will add 400 disc editions and 300 digital editions on February 5 Cool blue Delivered. It remains unclear how these will be served, as previous sweepstakes deliveries have been split.
  • Ned game On Thursday, February 4, 800 tablet releases were delivered Ned game. It remains unknown if this is sufficient to handle pending pre-orders. NedGame has now started sending out received consoles (02/05). Requests include orders from October.
  • Mania game There are a total of 2,500 tablet versions available for Mania game. It was supposed to be delivered on February 4 and distributed throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. We don’t expect single sales here, because there are still quite a few pre-orders open.
  • Media Market The top 10 branches in the Netherlands and Belgium will receive a small amount of consoles on February 5th. This week, more stores will be in stock, although that will not be sufficient to deliver all pre-orders. It varies from 20 to 100 copies.
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Update 02/02 (13:40) ← Today he has licorice Amazon Germany Event. Additionally, Patrick announced this Cool blue You will receive 400 digital and 300 disc editions on Friday, February 5. Around at Media Market There is no information available yet.

Update 01/28 (10:47) ← These are the plans for this week. Please note that the dates mentioned are the days the PS5 consoles are delivered to retailers. It can take a few days before something really happens.

  • 2,200 copies of PS5 Disk Edition on Jan.26. These copies are now delivered to people who have a place on the reservation list (Has been confirmed).
  • Ned game 240 copies of PS5 Disk Edition on Jan 27. These are used for placing open orders and shipping confirmations have been sent (Has been confirmed).
  • Mania game 800 copies of PS5 Disk Edition as of Jan 27. Keyboards will be distributed to affiliates, who will contact people who have previously placed an order.
  • Amazon Germany Two shipments are planned for Amazon: 3000 copies of Disk Edition on January 28 and another 4,500 copies expected the next day. It is still not known when the keyboards will be introduced, but it will be in the coming days.

Update 1/27 (11:43) ← The information from the source appears to be correct. Today it started shipping PlayStation 5 for people on the reservation list. In addition to that too Ned game Began sending his received copies for pending pre-orders.

Updated 01/25 (12:34) ← According to Patrick Mous, 7,000 PlayStation 5 consoles will also be on their way to the Netherlands and Belgium, including 2,000 copies (disc) of the These could come online during week 4, although some retailers still ship pre-orders. Must information about If you’re right, there’s a good chance you’ll follow one sale.

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Update 01/25 → Amazon UK Today introduced the disc and digital version again. It sold again very quickly and was also charged high import duties due to Brexit. The digital version, for example, was 120 euros more expensive. It is still unclear whether Amazon NetherlandsAnd the Amazon GermanyAnd the Amazon FranceAnd the Amazon Spain at Amazon Italy Also follow up today.

Update 20/01 → As expected, I started adding requests to the list of requests from customers who received the cancellation on December 4, but were later on the reservation list. The release date is currently set for December 31, 2021, which indicates that it currently has no stock for shipment.

last week Ned game Some PS5 Digital Edition consoles have shipped again, while Mania game They called people who pre-ordered one of their stores for a delivery later this month. used in PS5 chat channel His name is Patrick Moss, he claims to have a supplier within Sony’s supply chain solutions. The information he posted last week matches what web stores provide later, so we have no reason to doubt his claims at this time.

The source writes that Mania game 1200 controllers (1000 tablets and 200 digital editions), 175 digital edition controllers by Ned game And 300 DE controllers for keyboard It has not been delivered yet.

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