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Nintendo may have completed development of the Metroid Prime 1 remaster. This is well-known reports from Nintendo Emily Rogers. I previously mentioned that the gaming company might be working on a polished version of the first Metroid Prime game.

Emily Rogers writes on twitter They are “absolutely sure” that development on the Metroid Prime 1 remaster was completed last summer. Rogers Please report Work on this polished version began around 2017 or 2018. There have been rumors for some time that Nintendo will release a remastered version of the entire Metroid Prime trilogy, but now the company is expected to initially only re-release the first title. It is not known exactly when this will happen.

“The original plan was to develop and release Prime 1 first, and then use the basics of Prime 1, such as the engine, tools, and assets, to create Prime 2 and 3 later,” Rogers said. Therefore, the other two Metroid Prime titles may follow at a later date, although it is not known if those plans have changed in the meantime. “All I can confirm now is that Prime 1 is there,” the insider wrote.

end of september supported Jeff Grob, VentureBeat journalist and prominent leaker, stated that Nintendo will initially only release the Metroid Prime 1 remaster, although mentioned before The company will release a modified version of the entire trilogy.

In October, Nintendo released a 2D platform Metroid dread from. The company has not yet shared any information about a possible Metroid Prime remaster. Developer He said in June It is true that there is still a lot of work going on on Metroid Prime 4. This game was announced in 2017, but Nintendo decided start 2019 Let’s start from scratch with the development of the fourth Metroid Prime title, because the first attempt did not live up to the quality. Little new information about the game has been released since then.

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