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Open world FPS doesn’t make me too happy with a game like bioshock. I wonder if Bioshock is a good fit for that. Sure you can roam reasonably well in the endless bioshock, but it’s still a linear game.

See system shock, an open world. Open world FPS is possible, but you have to have enough open world content, and it has to be useful.

For System Shock, the use was that you are in a spaceship / station, and that you can come and go anywhere you want (once you open an area and get to it, of course). Undo is a healthy part of this. For those looking for an older example, see Strife (Made on Doom Drive).

However, there are many open world FPS games where the world is large and empty. Think Cyberpunk 2077. It looks cute (as long as you don’t stare into the distance for very long), but there’s not much to do outside of the parts that make the game linear with some side quests.

With larger open worlds, so do expectations of what you can do in them. Although I see an arcade machine in Cyberpunk 2077, I expect to be able to use it. Even if I see a food stall, I like to sit and eat there. I can now see these things (because they have to fill this big world with something), but I can’t do anything with them. Moreover, the world is not so vibrant. There are some small fights between gangs here and there, but they don’t have an effect on everyone. For example, a district system in which an area could be under the control of a corridor or a village and issues were contested, would have compensated a lot.

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Often mentioned fallout. What makes Fallout even better in this area is that the world isn’t that big at all. This makes him appear even more full, so there is always something to do. The wasteland looks fun, so you have to walk 150 kilometers in one direction to get anywhere. You are now walking 1.5 km and because everything is so compact it feels like a long ride.

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