Kees van der Spek helps the fraudulent couple who promised a million dollar inheritance: they lost 400 thousand euros |  RTL Street

Kees van der Spek helps the fraudulent couple who promised a million dollar inheritance: they lost 400 thousand euros | RTL Street

In a new episode of Kees van der Spek: Scammers Tackled, Kees van der Spek (59) visits Edward and Kitty. They became victims of inheritance fraud and boarded the ship with no less than 400,000 euros. The scammers initially appear to be based in Nigeria, but research by IT specialist Danny gives the case a completely different twist.

Eight years ago, Edward received an email saying that a huge inheritance was waiting for him. He just needs to make a down payment of a few hundred euros and then the 10 million euros will appear in his account within a few days. Since Edward and Kitty are not well off, the million dollar inheritance is very welcome. But after the first deposit, the spouses must make another deposit. This goes on for years. Kitty even decided to sell her house for 2.5 tons and pay this amount to the scammers. In total, Edward and Kitty are more than 400,000 poorer.

Kees uses IT specialist Danny to investigate the scammers. Danny was first given a spot in Nigeria with a photo of the man trying to take money from the couple. If Danny monitors the situation a little longer, the phone used to message the victims will be turned over to criminals in Holland. Danny receives an exact location on Huizen, and through the trap set up, he manages to take several photos of the imposter. It's about a man who has logged in countless times and is trying to steal money from Edward and Kitty. Meanwhile, he is in contact with someone else via another phone who may give him instructions. It turns out to be a network of scammers.

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Kiss calls in his private detective to monitor the suspect's location. Meanwhile, Kiss also called the police in hopes they could arrest him. An exciting moment for Edward and Kitty, as they come face to face with one of the men who deceived them.

Danny also discovered that the suspect was driving a Volkswagen T-Roc. The police, along with the bag and the victims, devise a plan to catch the suspect. Eventually they found him in a shopping mall and the man was arrested. He denies having anything to do with the scam, but evidence collected by Case and his team proves otherwise.

Kees van der Spek: Dealing with scammers It can be seen every Wednesday on Videoland.

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