“Google is working on new Nest Hub Max and Nest Audio”

“Google is working on new Nest Hub Max and Nest Audio”

Google appears to be working on a successor to the Nest Hub Max. This is the search giant's big smart display. Google also has a new version of the Nest Audio speaker in our store. You have to know this.

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“The successor to the Google Nest Hub Max is coming”

Do you think the Google Nest Hub is a useful device, but do you wish it was a little bigger? Then you can choose the Nest Hub Max, which has a 10.1-inch screen. However, unlike its smaller 7-inch brother, this device has not been updated for a long time.

That may change soon. 9to5Google I've detected indicators in the Google Home app that point to a successor to the Nest Hub Max in the near future. It's still unclear what Google will improve on the smart display. The latest version of the small Nest Hub has introduced subtle innovations. For example, an extra microphone has been added, the speaker sounds better and the device monitors the quality of your sleep.

Google Nest Audio
Google Nest Current Audio

Perhaps we can expect similar improvements with the second Nest Hub Max. It is remarkable that there is no new version at all. Although the Google Pixel Tablet doesn't offer all the features of the Nest Hub, it feels largely redundant.

Additionally, Google will likely launch a new Nest Audio speaker soon. It probably has superfast range. This could allow it to have a function similar to Apple's Handoff. By tapping on the speaker on your smartphone, you can transfer audio from your phone to the speaker. We can't yet say whether the successor to the Nest Audio also offers other new functions or sounds better.

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A new Google Chromecast will also be coming

It seems like Google wants to update many of its products this year. We previously read that a new Chromecast with Google TV (4K) is on the way. The company may present these devices during the Google I/O 2024 developer conference on May 14. We expect to see the Pixel 8a. This is the new mid-range smartphone from Google.

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