Microsoft provides a trial version of Edge Canary for Android – Computer – News

I am very happy to use Edge on desktop, and previous mobile version as well. It’s much faster than chrome, and google-free without having to use Microsoft services directly (although sync is nice … and clusters too). The extension support is nice, too.

It’s also good that you can add multiple accounts like a Microsoft Business account with Office 365, at that moment, the sharepoint / one drive business link is really cool and you can also easily stay up-to-date with the new tab page (which I’m just default) on today’s picture + Most used pages, all this news from MSN).

Mobile version … I’ll stick to “testing” / only, for now … although the canary version is really very smooth (120Hz screen, 90Hz browser is really cool … it feels really fast), I have some The other things, which of course you can blame is the very nature of “canary”. You have now also presented them as results:

– crashes on login if notifications are allowed (crash on desktop)
– Galaxy Fold Z2 5G: Although the browser switches well between ‘phone’ and ‘tablet’ modes, the new tab page ignores user preferences in ‘tablet’ mode: no photo of the day, and feeds cannot be turned off MSN News
– No extension support (yet) … Can’t surf the modern internet without certain extensions, like a good ad blocker (included in Android’s regular edge, which remains my daily program …)

However, I do encourage it, and I’m very happy Microsoft continues to do so!

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