Princess Kate spotted in public for first time warns of misleading photo |  RTL Street

Princess Kate spotted in public for first time warns of misleading photo | RTL Street

Princess Kate, 42, was seen in public for the first time after undergoing abdominal surgery. She was seen with her husband Prince William, 41, on Saturday as they visited a farm shop near their home. The Sun broke the news on its front page, but X was quick to report that the image accompanying the piece was old.

“She was shopping with William and seemed happy.”

After undergoing abdominal surgery, Kate has been seen in the car twice, but has yet to show herself. However, the public will see it again for the first time on Saturday. A source told the British newspaper: “She looked happy, healthy and relaxed.” Daily Mail.

Another visitor to the store also said that Kate looked good. The eyewitness said: “After all the rumours, I was amazed to see Kate there. She was shopping with William and looked happy.” the sun. “Even though the kids weren't there, it was a good sign that she felt well enough to go to the store.”

Although it is on the first page of the sun It appears that Kate was also photographed last weekend, which is not the case. It's an old photo, according to a message on X's website. “This post and the accompanying photo are misleading,” the message said. “The photo of Kate used here is from last fall.”

In fact, it was not possible to take any photos of Kate and William at their own request. They want privacy while Kate is still recovering.

Since her surgery, rumors have spread that Kate has not been seen at all. These rumors increased when the British royal family published a photo on Mother's Day that was heavily photoshopped, for which Kate later apologized.

Trust in the royal couple has been seriously damaged after Photoshop riots:

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