Alex van Keulen sorts before leaving in Buy without searching |  RTL Street

Alex van Keulen sorts before leaving in Buy without searching | RTL Street

As the most famous real estate agent in the Netherlands, Alex van Keulen (56) is an indispensable part of the hit show “Buy without looking”. However, he is considering leaving the programme, as he shared in an interview with De Telegraaf. Why? Alex wants to move to Spain with his wife and mother-in-law.

“I'm already approaching sixty.”

This plan is supposed to go into effect in a few years, when Alex's son and his wife leave home. “I can see myself walking down a beautiful street every day, it's amazing.”

Alex has already told RTL and the company about this Buy without looking The producers said they should look for a “young god” to replace him. “Someone who looks good, haha. This is also more fun for viewers. She's already close to 60.”

“But the strange thing is that they want to continue with me,” Alex says. “I am very grateful to Martin Crabbe and everyone who works behind the scenes on the programmes.”

If the move actually happens in a few years, Alex already has a plan for what he wants to do under the Spanish sun. “I would really enjoy doing tours in Spain. Going out with a group of Dutch tourists in Valencia and showing them the amazing side of the city.”

In addition to Alex, interior designer Roos Reedijk is also a regular fixture Buy without looking. In the video below, Ross tells you what we can expect from the starting series seven.

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